The Learning Stable

Distance Learning Support Program

The Learning Stable is a supervised, remote learning hub for students, ages 9 and up to do their studies and socialize. 

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While we are not tutors, we will provide support by helping them log in and making sure they complete assignments. Other activities will include taking time for lunch, outside fun, brain breaks, snacks (2 snacks per day provided by us), and providing horse camp type activities when they are finished with their “school day”.


Segment 1: August 31 to September 25 (4 weeks)

Segment 2: September 28 to October 23 (4 weeks)

Segment 3: October 26 to November 20 (4 weeks)

Thanksgiving Camp will be held November 23-27

Further Segments will be scheduled as needed.


School Day: 8am to 3pm


Extended Day: 8am to 5:30pm


Daily Fee, as available


Extended Daily Fee, as available


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Administration Fee


Update 8-29-2020

Now accepting Daily and Weekly Reservations!

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If Registering for between August 31st and September 4th, please give the office a call (561-792-4990) to secure your spot as soon as possible!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages?

9 and up and students must be reasonably self-disciplined. While we support the learning process, this is not meant as tutoring. The learning piece will remain the responsibility of the student’s teacher and parent.

How many students?

We require a minimum of 8 students and a maximum of 16 to ensure safe social distancing policies.

What will the schedule look like?

It is believed every school and every teacher will have a different schedule. Our schedule will be based on your child’s schedule. At this time, it is impossible the determine what the specific schedule will be. We expect that during regular school hours the kids will be on their computers doing their assignments or quiet individualized work. We know this will look different for most of the kids and we will adjust as needed. We will take time for lunch, outside fun, brain breaks, snacks, and more.

After their scheduled assignments are completed, we will put together horse care, group riding and other horse camp type activities each day. Again, it is not yet known exactly how the general day will flow but we plan on having some fun!

If my child finishes their assignments early, can they participate in other activities while the other kids finish?

Students will be asked to bring something to read or quietly work on while everyone finishes.  We always have work puzzles and coloring sheets available as well as some quiet games.  Once the majority are done for the day, we will begin our “after school” activities.  

What will my child need to bring?  

They will need their computers and headphones, all needed school supplies, lunches with water or other drinks and any quiet activities for if they finish early.  We will supply a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. As always, we will have water available.

Will you have sufficient Wi-Fi?

Yes, we have adequate Wi-Fi.  

Will the kids need to have headsets and wear them all during the classes? 

Yes, they will need headsets.  They will wear them as needed or as required by their teachers.

Will the students be sitting at the bench style tables while learning? What are your Social Distancing Policies?

The students will each have an assigned space at a table with their own chair.  The tables are marked off in a way that there is never any face to face exposures and there are never more than 2 children at each table. For this program, we will limit our numbers to 16 children which allows for safe distancing while in the club house.  Each child will have a cubby to store their supplies overnight. We will recommend that computers and other valuables be taken home at night.

Will you continue to hold the Learning Stable if schools open back up?

As long as we have interest and 8 or more students committed, we will continue to offer this service!

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